Regulations for Exhibitors


  • Inside the Circuit, vehicles may not exceed the 10 km/h speed limit.
  • Vehicles with an overall weight above 5000 kg are not allowed to enter the Circuit premises.
  • It is forbidden to light fires (e.g. barbecues) or carry out activities implying fire and/or explosion risks.
  • It is forbidden to use flammable or explosive materials (e.g. fuel, engine oil, etc.).
  • Once vehicles have been parked, they should no longer be moved.
  • The vehicle drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.


  • The displayed goods must be relevant to the subject of the exhibition.
  • Observe any existing placard signs and road-painted signs.
  • Vehicles are allowed to travel within the Circuit only for setting up, installation, dismantling and clearing purposes, and must always travel according to the directions.
  • Comply with the timetable fixed for accessing the track, setting up and installing stands to avoid any interference with exhibitors and/or visitors.
  • Strictly comply with the directions and indications provided by the Circuit staff.
  • Keep within the assigned limits during set-up and dismantling operations.
  • Should it be necessary to use flammable substances or carry out activities implying a fire/explosion risk, inform the Trade Show Direction in order to arrange special safety systems.
  • Should it be necessary to move parked vehicles during the show and visitor opening hours, take extreme care and follow all the instructions provided in these Regulations.
  • The vehicle drivers must have valid driving licenses.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, during the show, a people-carrier train will be available to transport visitors on the track. Extreme care is strongly recommended..
  • The assigned place must be set up by applying adequate safety measures to protect installers/exhibitors as well as third parties, and by means of CE-approved standard tools. The set-up stand should be a safe place for installers/exhibitors and third parties as well, also by a structural point of view.
  • The organisers may, at their own discretion, and without being expected to pay any indemnities, accept or not exhibitor applications, or ban exhibitors from the event, if they fail to adopt a fair, correct behaviour towards other exhibitors, visitors or staff.
  • Extreme care should be taken to safeguard personal items: CRAME assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from thefts, losses, fires, sabotages and atmospheric events.
  • In case of emergency, inform the Circuit staff (wearing special bibs for easy identification) immediately, who will contact the emergency services.


Documento elaborato da: Apice S.r.l. Consulente sulla Sicurezza - Imola